Glenn Brown

Edition Review

  • Glenn Brown, Half-Life (after Rembrandt) (2017)

  • Set of six etchings, image 76 x 56 cm each, sheet 89 x 68 cm each. Edition of 35. Printed by Paupers Press, London. Published by Paragon Press, London. Price on request.

The British artist Glenn Brown is well known for his fascination with, and manipulation of, Old Master paintings, drawings and prints. For this etching project, created for a 2017 exhibition at the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam, he began by looking closely at the four Oriental Head etchings Rembrandt made after prints by Jan Lievens. Brown digitally distorted this source material and then redrew each image on an iPad, expanding Rembrandt’s etched lines into a swirling mass of gestural, calligraphic strokes and arabesques. In Brown’s hands, the Dutch master’s turbans, hats and hair become abstracted clusters of tangled lines, piled high atop each head.

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