Gray Matter: David Schutter

Edition Review

  • David Schutter, Study for Autograph Repetition (2013)

  • Photogravure, inked à la poupée, 23 3/8 x 35 1/2 inches. Edition of five. Printed by Renaissance Press, Ashuelot, NH. Published by the artist and Aurel Schreiber, Berlin. $7,000.

David Schutter’s paintings are ravishing paradoxes: copies that don’t resemble the originals, replicas that cannot be replicated. From a distance, and in most reproductions, they appear as rectangles of cloudy gray; up close the layered brushstrokes build and scatter and reassemble with authority. Schutter’s recent photogravure, Study for Autograph Repetition, is still more peculiar: a dazzling semi-photomechanical portrait of one of the artist’s paintings, itself rooted in another painting made by a different artist a century and a half ago. If the references chase each other back into the depths of history, the visual experience keeps one rooted in the exact moment of viewing—this time, this place, this light.

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