Jim Hodges

Edition Review

  • Jim Hodges, Winter Speaks (2015)

  • Five-color etching from two plates with chine collé and screenprinted Gampi sheet with cutouts, image 34 x 24 inches, sheet 41 x 30 1/2 inches. Edition of 28. Printed by Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis. Published by Highpoint Center for Printmaking and Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. Price on request.

Jim Hodges, Winter Speaks (2015). Image courtesy of Highpoint Editions and Jim Hodges.

Jim Hodges has long pursued the “idea of oneness, of a kind of complete wholeness of time compressed into an instant.”1 Winter Speaks, recently completed at Highpoint Editions in Minneapolis and the most ambitious print of his career, evokes this quality: what he calls “the potential and fullness of experience, [the] limitlessness of things . . . mind, body, color, space, proximity, distance, memory, psyche, and spirit.”2 The print is a complicated entity, composed of two sheets of paper, one atop the other. The lines and tones on the bottom sheet employ the full gamut of intaglio techniques (etching, drypoint, scraping, burnishing, aquatint, sugar lift and spit bite), alone and in complex combinations, with areas of color added by chine collé. The top sheet is translucent, though some areas have been screenprinted in white, and is cut with 136 diamond-shaped openings. The two sheets are attached with ten diamond-shaped pieces of Beva adhesive.

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