John McDevitt King

Edition Review

  • John McDevitt King, Almost There (2016)

  • Hardground etching, image 11 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches, sheet 18 x 14 inches. Edition of 20. Printed and published by VanDeb Editions, Long Island City, NY. $1,100.

John McDevitt King has long devoted himself to the depiction of objects experienced in his imagination. Spheres, coils, candles, plants, light reflections, shadows and shapes float through his ethereal paintings, drawings and prints. Pictured through layer upon layer of encaustic wax or fuzzy, dark graphite, King’s subjects are curiously amorphous, as if seen through a fog or veil. Although he has made relatively few prints, he produced several striking soft-ground etchings with VanDeb Editions in 2006 and 2011, using the medium’s inherent blurriness to mimic the look of his graphite drawings. This past year, King returned to VanDeb, but this time chose to work in hard-ground etching, and the resulting edition, Almost There, marks an intriguing new direction.

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