John McLean

Edition Review

  • John McLean, Balboughty (2013) and Balkaskie (2013)

  • Drypoint and screenprint, 34 x 48 cm each. Editions of 20. £660 each.
  • Babirnie (2013) and Fingask (2013)

  • Drypoint and screenprint, 43 x 35 cm each. Editions of 10. £720.
  • Biggar (2013)

  • Drypoint and screenprint, 36 x 37 cm. Edition of 15. £720.
  • Balquidder (2013)

  • Drypoint and screenprint, 32 x 28 cm. Edition of 20. £600. All printed and published by the Print Studio, Cambridge, England.

John McLean, now in his 70s, has built a reputation as a virtuosic arranger of the most basic of pictorial elements: shapes and color. Scottish in origin, McLean studied literature at university before joining the London art scene in the 1960s, and while his work is less well-known in the States, Clement Greenberg was a fervent admirer of the artist’s lively, abstract canvases. His compositions are characterized by internal relationships that can only be described as social—rectangles brace themselves in groups like amateur acrobats, irregular polygons clump and scatter like brightly dressed guests at a cocktail reception.

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