Jordan Nassar

Edition Review

  • Jordan Nassar, Al Lat, Al Uzza and Manat (2016)

  • Three suites, each consisting of three two-color screenprints in thermochromatic and photochromatic inks, 36 x 24 inches each. Edition of 4 each. Printed and published by Kayrock Screenprinting, Brooklyn, NY. $1,380 each.

Jordan Nassar, who primarily produces hand-embroidered textile works and self-published zines, has recently begun making prints that blend the visual language of traditional Palestinian embroidery with a contemporary graphic sensibility. For his first solo exhibition at the London gallery Evelyn Yard in 2015, Nassar worked with Kayrock Screenprinting to produce a series of nine prints, grouped in three suites—Al Lat, Al Uzza and Manat—printed with white ink on blue paper, blue ink on white paper, and blue ink on blue paper. Nassar, a second-generation Palestinian-Polish-American, has created mesmerizing patterns of tiny Xs, that appear at first to be blown-up renditions of cross-stitch embroidery. In Al Lat, myriad interlocking abstract motifs are arranged in six horizontal bands. In the comparatively pared-down Manat, just two repeated shapes form five horizontal and one bisecting vertical bands. The most visually complex of the suites, Al Uzza, consists of a dizzying array of geometric motifs, crammed into more than a dozen bands.

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