Lisa Anne Auerbach

Edition Review

  • Lisa Anne Auerbach, Snowflake (2018 )

  • Relief print from 1,080 individually inked tiles, 45-1/2 x 39 inches. Edition of 14.. Printed and published by Island Press, St. Louis, MO.. .
  • Ten Truths Self Evident (2018 )

  • Ten relief prints from shina plywood on 100 percent cotton bleached muslin, strung with natural cotton cord, 9 x 12 inches each. Edition of 20.. Printed and published by Island Press, St. Louis, MO. . .

Lisa Anne Auerbach, Snowflake (2018)

In Ten Truths(2018), Lisa Anne Auerbach spells out America’s current political dismay. Strung on a line, like prayer flags or Fourth of July bunting, the ten prints carry four-word phrases—“this is not normal,” “mourning again in america,” “the path of totality.” The closest they get to hope is “this too shall pass.” The nearest approach to the Obama-era positivism of “Yes we can!” is “react, reject, repair, renew.” Printed on muslin, in bands of black, gray and white, the prints are an extension of the gouaches Auerbach began making after the 2016 election, to offer as rewards to people who donate $500 or more to organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.1 In this spirit, Island Press is offering a discount onTen Truths in exchange for similar donations.

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