Mai-Thu Perret

Edition Review

  • Mai-Thu Perret, Untitled (2015)

  • Two etchings, 46 x 34 cm each. Editions of 20. Printed and published by Pauper’s Press, London. $1,600.
  • Untitled (2014)

  • Etching, 45.7 x 47 cm. Edition of 40. Printed by Pauper’s Press, London. Published by Whitechapel Gallery, London. £350.

For 16 years, Mai-Thu Perret’s ongoing Gesamtkunstwerk, The Chrystal Frontier, has chronicled the lives and doings of the residents of New Ponderosa Year Zero, a utopian, egalitarian, feminist enclave in New Mexico. The people and events of New Ponderosa are fictions, but the artifacts—songs, letters, pottery, rabbit hutches, tea sets the size of garden sheds—are real (though often appropriated from historical revolutionary sources) and form the substance of Perret’s exhibitions.

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