Moving Parts: Animated Prints at IPCNY

Exhibition Review

  • "Suspended Animation: Moving Images in Print"

  • International Print Center New York, New York
  • 07 Apr 2016 - 12 Jun 2016

Hosting its first exhibition dedicated to time-based media this past spring, IPCNY joined the bevy of galleries now taking on the moving image. “Suspended Animation: Moving Images in Print,” organized by Lotte Allen, presented short animations by nine artists alongside related prints—in many cases those from which the animations were built.

Kakyoung Lee’s Dance, Dance, Dance (2011) was made from 342 successive states of a single Plexiglas template, each state corresponding to a cel in her animation (24 prints from the series were on view at IPCNY). Each is a self-portrait of the artist dancing, rendered through staggered wavy lines, like filaments in an Edison bulb. The sound track, by Natacha Diels, sounds something like the amplified interior of a cave—droplets of water falling in rapid succession, along with hisses, whirs and echoes that ricochet with mounting intensity. The accumulation of lines and scratches over time creates pulsating motion, while the figure’s outline darkens as the tangle of thin lines—traces of prior movements—builds as she sways and bounces to the soundtrack.

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