Nancy Friedemann

Edition Review

  • Nancy Friedemann, Untitled (2014)

  • Four-color woodcut on Sekishu paper, 30 x 55 inches. Edition of 10. Printed and published by Constellation Studios, Lincoln, NE. $4,500.

In the 16th century, Andalucian nuns brought lace and embroidery techniques to Colombia, where the imported vocabulary of Hispano-Moresque motifs was expanded by native flora and fauna, resulting in a distinctive art of mantillas and shawls with the delicacy and resilience of gossamer. This hand art has fostered continuity from generation to generation, offering reassurance that life persists. Colombian painter Nancy Friedemann’s enamel-on-mylar lace “drawings” share the reverence for handmade textiles that marks the work of contemporary artists such as Miriam Schapiro, but have their roots in the specific traditions of Colombia.

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