Noah Breuer

Dissecting the mechanics of the printed image

Edition Review

  • Noah Breuer, Team Set (2015)

  • Artist’s book, 4-color risographs, perfect-bound in green faux leather, 10 x 7 x 3/16 inches (44 pages). Edition of 100. Printed by the artist. Published and bound by Small Editions, Brooklyn, New York. $44.
Noah Breuer, Team Set (2015).

Noah Breuer, Team Set (2015).

Noah Breuer often dissects the mechanics of the printed image—particularly the common commercial variety—to investigate its function in pop culture. He has frequently turned to baseball cards as subject, deconstructing this popular printed object on a number of levels. Breuer scans imagery from the cards (photos, stats, team logos, manufacturers’ insignias) and reassembles them into jumbled pastiches that resemble mismatched jigsaw puzzles. He then prints the work in a variety of techniques and formats, from large print-based installations to the current handheld book. Most of the source material dates from the late 1980s and early ’90s, a time when “there was an explosion of production . . . which resulted in a near total devaluation of the cards from that era,” the artist explains.

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