Richard Forster’s Littoral Beauties

Edition Review

  • Richard Forster, Incoming sea’s edge on three consecutive occasions at random time intervals. Saltburn-by-the Sea, January 5 2010; 11.35–11.36am (2013)

  • Three polymer photogravures, 85.2 x 56.8 cm each. Edition of 20. Printed by Spike Print Studio, Bristol, UK. Published by Ingelby Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland. £5,400.

Like the tide, Richard Forster is rhythmically drawn to the shoreline of Saltburn-by-the-Sea in North Yorkshire, England. Year after year, Forster returns to the place of his birth and sometime residence, always in January, to photograph the sea as it reaches for and recedes from the shore. The photographs are source material for the artist’s graphite and acrylic drawings, but occasionally Forster has also used them as the basis for prints.

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