Rob Swainston

Edition Review

  • Rob Swainston, Who Owns the Sky? (03) (2014)

  • Reduction stone lithograph, 24 x 18 inches (image), 28 x 22 inches (sheet). Edition of 3. Printed by the artist, published by Prints of Darkness, Brooklyn, NY. $400.

Rob Swainston’s recent lithograph is a vertiginous confrontation. Its violent light, ambiguous perspective and depth thrust the viewer into a bewildering whirl, as if one is looking through the windshield of a falling helicopter on a downward spiral. It is part of a larger body of work in which the artist addresses the advent of mechanical flight and aerospace, and with it the human assertion of power over the skies. Other prints in the series convey this same tumultuous energy with visible evidence of the multiple plates and screens used to layer color and form. In this work, however, the chromatic tonalities of the lithograph blend with a smoothness that seems almost photographic.

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