Spencer Finch

Edition Review

  • Spencer Finch, Back to Kansas (2015)

  • Color aquatint and chine collé, 43 x 60 inches. Edition of 35. Printed and published by Paulson Bott Press, Berkeley, CA. $18,000.

Spencer Finch, Back to Kansas (2015). Image courtesy Paulson Bott Press.

Qualities of light, like particularities of smell, have the ability to evoke beyond reason a particular place and time. It is a property that Spencer Finch used with tremendous grace in Trying to Remember the Color of the Sky on That September Morning—the 2,983 individual rectangles, each a different shade of blue, that form his installation for the September 11 Memorial in New York. He has employed it to more documentary effect in works such as his 2011 handmade papers, each the color of the Hudson River at specific times of day on 12 June 2008 [see Art in Print Jan–Feb 2013]. Subjective memory is played off against objective reality, and the gap that opens between the two is where Finch has pitched his tent.

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