Tomma Abts

Edition Review

  • Tomma Abts, Untitled (wavy line), Untitled (small circles), Untitled (gap), Untitled (big circle) (2015)

  • Four color aquatints, sheet 29 1/4 x 22 3/4 inches. Edition of 20 of each. Printed by Emily York, Crown Point Press, San Francisco. Published by Crown Point Press. $5,000 each.

When Tomma Abts made her first prints at Crown Point Press in 2009, she relied on preparatory drawings to guide her compositions while she acquainted herself with intaglio processes. When she returned to Crown Point in 2015, she had a clear plan in mind: to produce a series of abstract prints that have a set of common elements.1

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  1. Tomma Abts, written statement in Overview: Crown Point Press Newsletter (Crown Point Press, Fall 2015) []