Victoria Burge

Edition Review

  • Victoria Burge, Nets I–VII (2018)

  • Suite of seven lithographs, 12-3/4 x 10 inches. Edition of 20. . Printed and published by Deb Chaney Editions, Brooklyn, NY. . $650 each, $4,200 set..

Victoria Burge, Nets II (2018)

A net can divide, entangle, capture or protect. It may be loosely woven and porous, or dense and secure. It can hold volume, or space could flow right through its gaps. Victoria Burge’s Nets are studies in what the artist calls “a topography of pattern”1—the networked visual systems that construct or contain space. In her previous work, Burge has drawn on geographic and celestial cartographies to explore similar relationships between line and space. In seven recent lithographs with Deb Chaney Editions, she is guided by the framework of nets, whose manifold forms and functions allow her to embrace more organic composition. The resulting images reverberate with a more dimensional energy; rather than a flat, allover patterning, these nets are modular and freeform.

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