Xylor Jane

Edition Review

  • Xylor Jane, Third Order Magic Square for Deep Sleep (2014)

  • Three-color aquatint, 21 3/4 x 24 1/2 inches. Edition of 22. Printed and published by Wingate Studio, Hinsdale, NH. $2,000.

Prints, quite simply, are affairs in numbers. Through the use of reproductive techniques, images can be released from the limitations of a solitary existence, multiplied into a series of iterations and divided as these iterations are sorted into sequenced editions. Perhaps a reprinting leads to the existence of additional copies entering circulation, as is occasionally the case with artist’s books. Or perhaps copies are subtracted from circulation when they are damaged, censored or destroyed. In short, the print is intertwined with processes that systematically and numerically arrange images that exist more than once.

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