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Institutional Support

California Community Foundation
The Chicago Arts and Business Council
Dedalus Foundation
The IFPDA Foundation
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
The Malka Fund
The National Endowment for the Arts
Schwalb Charitable Fund


Carolyn Andress
Sarah Andress
Kit Basquin
Renée Bott
Nicolas Collins & Susan Tallman
Prudence Crowther
David Kiehl
Belverd E, Needles, Jr.
Tucker Nicols
Mark Pascale
Cole Rogers & Carla McGrath
Marc Schwartz
David Storey
Griff Williams and Gallery 16


Margaret Berenson
Stephen Chambers
Ann Chernow
Johan Deumens
Marjorie Devon
Elizabeth Finch
James Janecek
Shelley Langdale
Evelyn Lincoln
Elizabeth Mayor
Margaret Miller
Irving Tallman

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