Megan N. Liberty is a writer based in Brooklyn. She has an MA in art history from the Courtauld Institute of Art and a BA from Dickinson College. Her interests include text and image, artists’ books and ephemera, and archive curatorial practices.

Reclaiming the Means of Production: Self-Publishing in the 21st Century

Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair is a wildly popular event and it is just one of more than 40 artist’s book fairs that take place around the world every year. “When we began the fair [in 2006],” then-director AA Bronson explains, “we were highly aware of representing all the various forms of art publishing in the field: mainstream publishers, academic presses, art distribution companies, art magazines, small independent publishing companies.” Read More

The Bits and Pieces of Robert Seydel

Collecting printed matter is inherently nostalgic. In The Arcades Project, Walter Benjamin says of the collector, “Perhaps the most deeply hidden motive of the person who collects can be described this way: he takes up the struggle against dispersion.” Read More