Al Taylor, detail from Untitled (Large Tape) (1988).

The Subtle and Curious Vision of Al Taylor

Arturo Herrera, detail from Robert Schumann–De La Luzidez A La Locura, Von Andres Ruiz Tarazona, 1975, Real Musical, S.A., Madrid from Books (2012).

The Books of Others: Arturo Herrera’s Berlin Books Project

Screen capture of the archive page for the “People Holding Posters” Tumblr blog by Nate Gagnon.

Stagecraft: Designers, Artists and the Theater of Print in a Digital World

Art in Print covers from Volume 1 and 2.

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John Sparagana Reads the News

Sparagana’s dissection and resuturing of news images is ambitious, labor intensive and potentially profound.

This article appears in the July-August issue of Art in Print (Vol.4, No.2).

Aldo Crommelynck: Master and Midwife

Perhaps the most celebrated etching printer of the past century, Aldo Crommelynck working with Picasso, Hamilton, Hockney, Johns, Dine and many others. A recent exhibition in Paris celebrated his legacy.

Djamel Tatah in the Atelier

For eight years the French painter Djamel Tatah has been realizing his solemn disconnected figures in lithography and woodblock with printer Michael Woolworth.

Screenprint 2014

Screenprint can be found on artist’s prints, gig posters and monumental canvases; on skateboards and circuit boards and dashboards, not to mention all those T-shirts. This fluidity may be the closest thing screenprint has to a distinctive identity, which makes it either the most boring or the most interesting medium on the planet.

This article appears in the July-August issue of Art in Print (Vol.4, No.2).