Judy Ledgerwood

Edition Review

  • Judy Ledgerwood, Chromatic Patterns After the Graham Foundation–Pink, Red and Orange (2014)

  • Three relief and lithography prints with aluminum dust, 22 x 30 inches each. Edition of 20. Printed and published by Manneken Press, Bloomington, IL. $2,000 each. The set is also available in a deluxe edition with portfolio case designed by Jason Pickleman and a poem by John Yau, “26 Letters for Judy Ledgerwood.” Edition of 8, numbered in Roman numerals. $7,200.

Judy Ledgerwood’s new prints derive from the painter’s installation at Chicago’s Graham Foundation. Three of the Prairie Style mansion’s reception rooms were emptied of contents and their walls painted in a silver geometric floral pattern over grounds of dayglo pink, red and orange. The pattern’s tight repeat was loosely painted, incurring a certain amount of slippage—each iteration is, and is not, the same.

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